When you need to clear out a property in the Louisville, Kentucky area, why pay a lot of money for a dumpster or junk haulers when you can make money? In most cases, even when there is a need for extensive cleaning, the proceeds of the sale will pay for the clean out and leave the owner of the home with a check to boot.

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How exactly does an estate sale work?

Estate and moving sales (also known as "tag sales") are orderly liquidations run much like a retail shop would be. That is to say, every item has a price tag or sign. Our sales are beautifully staged, professionally organized and well-advertised. The public is invited into the location and allowed to shop at leisure. Clerks are available to answer customers' questions and write sales tickets. Cashiers are stationed near the entrance / exit to cash out purchases. The premises are left as agreed upon in the contract with the client, and a check for your portion of the proceeds is sent within 10 days of the conclusion of the sale.