Q & A

What do I do first?

Call Jill Hook at (502) 974-5954 or email at cobaltanddaffodil@gmail.com. Let's talk about your unique sale!

Why should I have a professionally conducted estate or moving sale rather than a family run sale?

First, it's an incredibly difficult task to run an estate or moving sale successfully.  Not only is the work itself grueling, but you also have to factor in sentimentality, time, challenging family dynamics, etc. Second, as one would expect, most people have little idea what items are worth on the secondary market. Those attempting to conduct their own sales, we have found, tend to either vastly over-price or under-price the majority of their household possessions, either discouraging buyers with unrealistic price tags, or getting "shopped" by opportunistic savvy buyers. Professionally run sales are not a luxury. They pay for themselves, ease the stress during this difficult time, and often earn our clients more than they would earn by conducting the sale themselves!

We market your sale via this website, newspaper ads, emails, word of mouth, and extensive online ads. We display & merchandise your items in a way that will net you the most money possible. Remember too, that there is a greater perceived value when a professional estate liquidation firm conducts an estate sale.

Is there anything we should get rid of before the sale?

Yes and NO. Yes, remove everything that you wish to keep from the home or store it in a place that can be locked away from the public. No, keep everything else because people will buy anything from old wrapping paper rolls to car care supplies.  Please do not discard anything! It's absolutely true: One man's trash is another's treasure. Even broken clocks, rusty tools and old costume jewelry often have value to our buyers.

We have a favorite charity and want to donate a bunch of items before the sale, is this okay?

We encourage charitable donations, but we hope you will wait until after the sale to make these donations. If your sale is highly successful and you have little to donate in terms of items, we are confident that your charity would welcome a monetary contribution.

Is Cobalt & Daffodil Liquidations LLC licensed and insured? 

Yes we are. Additionally, the clients we work with must have current homeowners insurance.

Do you only sell valuable antiques? 

No. We love to sell it ALL — new & used furnishings, kitchenware, appliances, tools, crafting supplies, artwork, holiday decorations, knickknacks, toys, clothing… almost everything.

What kinds of sales do you conduct?

We conduct various types of tag sales, including classic estate sales, downsizing/moving  sales, walk-out basement sales and garage sales. 

How long does a sale take? 

Depending upon the size of your sale, it will be open to the public between 1 and 4 days.

How long does it take you to coordinate my sale? 

The average estate sale takes 2-3 weeks of prep time. Smaller moving / tag sales tend to take 7-10 days to set up and advertise.  We are very aware of deadlines when it comes to liquidating an estate and work in communication with the family, trustee, or executor of the will.

Are there any legal requirements of the estate prior to contracting an estate sale?

Yes. If you are the representative of an estate we will need to have a photocopy of the legal documents that authorize you to sell or dispose of the property. Although we carry liability insurance, we also require that the homeowner's insurance on the home itself be current and in place throughout the sales process. We would like a copy of the insurance for our file.

Please confirm that your HOA community allows estate or moving sales and the signage of an estate sale. If your community is gated, confirm that they will cooperate with us before, during, and after the sale. We will obtain permits when needed.

The furnace and air conditioner must be in working order before the set up process begins, and water, gas, and electric must be turned on and kept on throughout the sale process. We do not need a phone line. However, if there has been internet service, please continue it for the duration of the sale. Your sale will net higher proceeds (make more money) when there is a comfortable and efficient environment for preparation and for customers to shop in.

What sells best? 

Costume jewelry, antiques, vintage & new furnishings, well-made furniture, decorative items, art of any kind, tools and lawn/garden equipment, hunting gear, crafting supplies, lamps and lighting, clocks, clean new or old textiles.

Can family members add personal items to the sale?

Yes, family members can add items to the sale. Those items are tracked, and a separate receipt and check will be written for them. A wide variety of items available at a sale increases the number of buying customers. 

What doesn't sell well? 

Encyclopedia sets and older tube televisions are difficult to sell. Other than that, please allow us to be the judge. You might be surprised to find that there’s a buyer for most items.

Can Cobalt & Daffodil Liquidations LLC prepare for and conduct a sale if I am out of state?

Yes, we can conduct sales for representatives and owners who reside in other states. We handle everything through telephone, email, fax, and registered mail.  If you're working with a local realtor or with an attorney, we can coordinate everything through them as well. We will provide the out of state representative with progress reports before, during and after the sale.

Can I list the home during the sale?

Absolutely. You can provide a realtor or we can recommend one. We will prominently display your home's information flyers at the sale, and the sale serves as a 1-4 day open house.  We can gather potential buyers' information and hand it over to the agent at the end of the sale.

What if you find personal/family items when you're sorting through my belongings? 

This is very common! We often find family photos, private papers, and/or cash stashed in unusual places. We'll box it for you and make sure that you get it.

Am I responsible for pricing?

No. We will use our experience and research to establish the best price for your belongings. Client input on key items is always welcome.

When should you hold my sale? 

Any time of year is the right time for an indoor sale! Don't put off your sale — call us to get started today!

Should I be at the sale?

We will do all we can to make sure you trust us to handle your sale with integrity, transparency and respect. We do ask that all interested parties remain off the property during the sale. Selling your possessions or those of a loved one can be incredibly emotional and stressful, and that's why you hire professionals to handle it. We will keep in touch with the primary contact person for the home at regular intervals before the sale, the day immediately before the sale, and then within 24 hours after the sale to make sure you are comfortable with how we are handling your treasures. 

The owner's presence at the sale can be intimidating for customers, and in fact can reduce the proceeds of the sale. Also,  if the family members are at the sale, friends and neighbors will often try to negotiate with them to get a better price on items. It is much easier for us to decline an offer than it is for the family member to. We are happy to see you during the time we are setting up, but again, just ask you to keep it to a minimum since it slows our progress in preparing your sale.

How does Cobalt & Daffodil Liquidations advertise sales?

We send out emails announcing your sale to our personal list of regular customers who appreciate special notifications of our sales. We also blast the internet with ads full of pictures on this website, our business facebook page, craigslist, appropriate yahoo groups, and on several internet selling sites. For medium to larger, or specialized sales, we also take out an ad in the Louisville Courier Journal, passing that cost on to the seller out of the payout.

Do you clean my house before and after the sale? 

A clean and tidy home results in a more successful sale, bringing in more revenue. Our shopping customers appreciate and expect a pleasant sale experience. As we organize and set up your items we will do some general clean up and dusting of items for sale. If more extensive cleaning is needed, either you or Cobalt & Daffodil Liquidations LLC can arrange to have the home cleaned. 

After your sale, we broom-sweep floors, vacuum, wipe counters and organize trash and donations. If you a need a more thorough cleaning of the home, we are happy to arrange for this service. This additional cost can be deducted from your pay out.

We have a big family — who should meet with you? 

We suggest you choose a point person that will be our liaison. We are happy to meet with entire families, attorneys, or realtors. However, it's best if there is one designated person that we call when a question must be answered quickly or a decision must be made on the spot.

How will I be charged?

 We work on a percentage basis. The more our clients earn from their sale, the more we earn. We're motivated to make your sale the best and most lucrative it can be!  After the sale, we quickly prepare accounting in order to provide your payout within 10 days.  For consignment and other services, we’ll provide an estimate after seeing your merchandise and discussing your needs.